Monday, February 17, 2014

Knitting Alice in Wonderland Mitts

alice in wonderland mitt
I want an Alice in Wonderland costume I already have an apron I can wear.  I am knitting the gloves to go with the costume now I am trying to convince my mother to either buy or make me a costume to wear.  I do not knit much still, pretty much a novice at it even if you notice the 5 double point needles in the photos.  When I made my first project my mother made me work with double pointed needles so I would never be afraid of them.  But I am still a relative beginner.

My mother started this project with me to see if there was items in the pattern that would cause me grief.  She knitted hers in four hours I am not that fast.  I do have one done and one to go after two days so not too bad really for a beginner.  My mother said my tension is good even though I frogged it 3 times.
That is how things go when you are learning I guess.  I do my knit stitches twisted this is a mistake I have yet to fix but it worked well in this pattern.  Because the pattern is all knit and stockinette stitches it tends to roll because I do my stitches twisted ( I knit into the back of the stitch instead of the front) mine lays flatter than my mothers if she does hers again she said she is going to do it twisted instead.  The yarn I am using I got from my mother for free the best way to get things when you don't have any money I am using size 4 double point needles also I got from my mom it is like having a yarn knit store in house that I can just get what I want for free.  I do ask for  her permission of course and the pattern is also free.  I think these would make great Cheshire cat mitts too if done in pink and purplish pink or the queen of hearts if done it red and white or dark red and bright red or red and black you get the idea I am sure.