Saturday, October 12, 2013

Part 1: Mummified Faries

I went to a Renaissance festival a few weeks back while there I saw a vendor with dead fairies and leather masks.  She had the faeries displayed in real cute little settings.  She was also selling them between $60 and $80.  Which was way out of my price range, I showed them to my mother.  Who promptly said it is about 3 to $6  to make one at the most per fairy.  She figured she could make something similar or explain to me how to do this without purchasing them at that crazy price.   This is what she and I came up with.
I am making mummified fairies for the fairy homes which I am currently building and will post photos of that as well in the future, that was another thing I saw at the Renaissance fair but the item I liked was not for sale a three story fairy house.  So once again we are making it instead of buying it which was not an option on the fairy house.

What you will need in order to create your own mummified fairy is:
  • a 4 to 6 inch plastic skeleton (a great time of year to buy them cheep is around  Halloween we bought 6 for $5  but thy went on sale right before Halloween for 6 for $2.50)
  • tissue paper in skin tone colors: brown, tans, creams and so on
  • mod podge is a thick white glue
  • pan
  • water
  • stove
  • tongs or slotted spoon to remove hot fairy from water
  • rubber bands 
  • something to make wings out of either feathers, flower shop floral butterflies or netting 
  • parents supervision while working with boiling water and hot skeleton
  • black paint for antiquing
  • fabric scraps silk flowers and other nick knacks used to embellish fairy when done making it a mummy
Part two will be on boiling your fairy and forming it to the desired pose.