Sunday, October 6, 2013

Crayon experiment

I saw on the internet that supposedly you could use a crayon as a candle in a pinch and that it would burn for 30 mins.  So with my mother's supervision we gave it a go.    If you would like to do this experiment please read on for the tips and hints from what we did.
It ended up burning for about 25-26 mins.  We also discovered that the candle needs to be a fairly new candle as an old candle that had a dirty wrapper did not seem to burn as well as a brand new one.  The paper acts as the wick and also holds the wax of the crayon inside the paper until it is wicked through the paper to burn.  The picture to the left is our experiment to see how this works.  For safety reasons we placed in in a jelly jar on top of a ceramic plate on top of the stove we also used painters tape to hold the crayon up right  this does form a form a bigger fire hazard when the crayon burns down to that point.  I do have to admit not fond of the smell of a burning crayon but if you needed light and had no candles this works. : D